WordPress Staging

Easy way to move content or push code between WordPress websites


Due to the SitePush plugin not being updated in the last 5 years, we strongly advice you to use VersionPress for your WordPress staging. You can find our tutorials on VersionPress here.


SitePush is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create more than one staging copy of your website. How many times you were worried about the changes you are about to make on your live website? Have you been in a position, when you are making a "simple" change, but the result is devastating for your project and you need to restore a backup? Not only that, but the latest few hours of changes are all lost and you need to start over.


Here comes SitePush to offer a more elegant way of dealing with new changes. The plugin allows you to create a development copy of your website, test changes of your choice on it and then push them to your live website. It is that SIMPLE!


Get SitePush staging for your WordPress website:

To help you set up staging for your WordPress website, our technical support team offers FREE setup for the plugin

  • Free WordPress Installation
  • Free SitePush Staging Setup
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You can have as many installations as you need, connect them together and push content or code between each one of them. You also have much more options that you can use for a trouble-free development of your website.