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Earn Up To $200 Per Qualifying Signup!

Multi-tier affiliate program with growing commissions, rewarding every sale you make!

Tiers and Plans
Shared Hosting
VPS Hosting
Dedicated Hosting

Tier 1: 1-5 sales

in any given month

$50 / sale
$75 / sale
$100 / sale

Tier 2: 6-10 sales

in any given month

$75 / sale
$100 / sale
$125 / sale

Tier 3: 11-20 sales

in any given month

$100 / sale
$125 / sale
$150 / sale

Tier 4: 20+ sales

in any given month

$125 / sale
$150 / sale
$200 / sale

Powerful Affiliate Tools and Real-time Statistics

No complicated setup and full control of your affiliate campaigns with detailed performance reports.

Quick and easy sharing tools

Affiliate links to all hosting plans and services for better campaign targeting.

Most affiliate programs provide you with a large number of banners but only a single service to advertise or direct links to the merchant home page. Our Affiliate Program gives separate links and resources for all FastComet products and services. This way you can improve conversion rate and increase sales, which means more commissions.

Multi-tier affiliate program

We reward you for your efforts by increasing your commissions on every tier.

The more people you refer any given month, the higher commission will be applied per sale.

Detailed reporting on your sales and commissions

Detailed tracking of your raw and unique clicks to improve your campaigns.

Real-time reports of every aspect of the affiliate program, allowing you to see how well the affiliates are performing, daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

Long Cookie Duration

If a customer comes from your link to our site, and then comes back to purchase months later, you still get credit.

Sometimes people don’t purchase right away. They may research for a few days and come back later. With our affiliate program you will still generate commissions for returning visitors that sign up for our service even if they come back moths later.

Rich promo materials bank

All types of promotional materials to put all of your advertising channels to work.

We have a large bank of promotional materials but still keeping it easy to start. Choose from a variety of banners, site buttons, text ads or use simple text links to start.

Easy-to-Use Control Panel

Web-based affiliate control panel to track your campaigns and monitor your earnings.

You will not need to download or install any additional software to get started. With our user-friendly web-based affiliate control panel all the tools you need are just one click away.

Hosting Credit instead of Cash?

Join FastComet Referral Program and get Free Hosting!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Affiliate Program?

    Our Affiliate Program rewards you when you recommend our services to your friends and peers. You simply need to share your affiliate link or advertise our service on your website and social channels. If some of your friends and visitors sign up for our services via your affiliate link you will earn up to $125 in commissions.

  • How does it work?

    Getting started is really simple – get your affiliate links or banners via your Affiliate Panel and place them on your website, post on social channels or include in your mailing. When someone click on your link they will visit our website. We will help them to find the most suitable hosting plan for their website and you will get up to $125 in commissions.

  • Who can join?

    Anyone can join our Affiliate Program. It is completely free to sign up and you do not need to be an existing FastComet client to participate.

  • Which is better: Referral or Affiliate?

    Our referral program rewards you with free months of hosting when you refer new clients to FastComet. If you would like to monetize your website and earn money, you may consider our Affiliate program and generate commissions and get paid for your referrals.

  • How to claim my referral?

    Our affiliate program software automatically tracks all sign ups via your referral link. Still, you can always contact our Billing department to claim any additional referrals if you believe someone did not used your link but you have personally referred that person to us.

  • When and how will I get paid?

    You can request a payout once you have an approved commission. Commissions are approved 45 days after they have been generated if they still abide by our Affiliate Terms of Service. All payouts are done via PayPal so you can have your funds available right after they were sent.