Offsite Backup

Maximum data protection for your website or server

Maintain your business continuity should the very worst ever happen. Your important data is backed up by our offsite backup solution to a geographically separate data center which makes data loss a thing of the past.

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Offsite Backup
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Continuous Data Protection

Safeguard the future of your business against unexpected data losses. Our advanced website and server offsite backup solution ensures reliable and consistent backups whenever you need them, giving you total peace of mind.

Fully managed backup as a service

Fully Managed Backup as a Service

Achieve peace of mind while our experts monitor your data by using proven enterprise backup technologies and automation.

Low resource footprint

Low Resource Footprint

Reduce both your backup costs and footprint with ultra-efficient redundant data reduction technologies.

Fast & Secure

Fast & Secure Solution

Quickly and easily recover everything from a whole server to a single file. Your data is always available.

Use Local Backups vs. Off-Site Backups

Use Local Backups vs. Off-Site Backups

Maximize data protection options from adverse effects of local catastrophes or disasters with our managed backups, both offsite and onsite.

Full Account snapshot

Full Account Snapshot

Create a point-in-time snapshot of your account, and restore from that snapshot if needed.

Web based managment

Web-Based Management

Setting up routines and restoring backups is a breeze with the powerful yet easy-to-use backup management panel.

Back up your Website or Server

Off-site cloud-based backup solution that scales with you

Website Backup

  • Free on every plan

    Up to 30 daily backups on every shared hosting plan

  • Complete snapshot

    Full account backup, including files, databases, emails, and crons

  • Free unlimited restores

    Web interface for full or incremental restores on demand

  • Off-site cloud-based solution

    Decentralized off-site storage for optimal security

Server Backup

  • Low extra cost

    Fully managed backup solution starting from $19.95/mo.

  • Complete server backup

    Backup all server data, including files, databases, emails

  • Low resource footprint

    Almost zero resource footprint during backup time

  • Web-based interface

    Client/Account access for full or incremental restores

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