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SSD Only servers
Let's Encrypt
Cloudflare CDN Caching
Web Application Firewall
Malware Scan & Reports
Free Daily Backups
Instant chat response
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Easy & Predictable Pricing Model

  • Always know what you’ll pay per month with a flat, industry-leading pricing structure.
  • No sneaky surprises: We have no hidden fees and no additional charges for any service.
  • 45 Day Money-Back Guarantee: If for any reason our service does not match your expectations we will issue you a full refund.

Always Free 24/7 Premium Support

While others provide only hosting related technical support we offer full support for your services, websites and apps. We can handle application installations, site optimization, configurations, custom software setups and deployments, website transfers and much more.


We are the Open Source Experts

Joomla, Magento, WordPress ... just name it

  • Free Installation: We provide free application installation and one-click installer for more than 250 open source applications.
  • Free Template & Extension Installation: Add extra features and build an amazingly looking website with our free extension installation service.
  • Free Application Upgrade: Keep your website up-to-date and secure with our free application upgrade service.
  • Free Virus Scan & Malware Protection: Free security audit and malware removal service for your website.
  • Free Applications Firewall: Our Web Application Firewall stops attacks at the network edge, protecting your website from common web threats and attacks before they even reach your website.
FastComet Open Source

Free Backup & Restore

Most hosting companies charge extra for backup and backup restore services. We give you full, unrestricted access to your daily and weekly backups via our web-based 1-click Restore Manager. Moreover, our 24/7 technical support is always ready to give you a hand if you need help restoring your website.

FastComet Free Backup

24/7 Human Monitoring

For excellent performance and uptime

  • Our proactive monitoring approach prevents 99% of most common web hosting issues and ensures excellent performance and uninterrupted uptime for your website.
  • Dedicated DevOps team ready to handle any technical or infrastructural issues before they even affect your website accessibility and performance.
FastComet Monitoring

Free Exclusive Features

Valuable resources to get your started

  • Beautiful and free responsive templates for Joomla, Magento, OpenCart and more.
  • Extensive free text and video tutorials made by experts to get you started.
  • Large number of free and premium extra services to help you boost your website traffic and conversion rate.
FastComet Free Features

Amazing, Mobile-friendly Client Area

Manage your Accounts, Domains, Billing and Orders from anywhere, on any device, anytime. Extremely powerful 100% Responsive Client Control Area, optimized for touch interaction on smart phones and tablets.

FastComet Client Area

Native Caching & Website Optimization

Skyrocket your website performance.

  • Varnish web application accelerator. is serving content from in-memory which will give you fast PHP executions and MySQL queries. Varnish comes with our FastCloud Extra plan.
  • CloudFlare CDN replicates your website's content on more than 100+ server locations all over the world and your visitors will load your website from the closest to them server. That will make your website load fast no matter where your visitors are located.
  • Google Pagespeed Module automatically applies web performance best practices to your website pages and associated assets, improving Google Pagespeed Insights score.
  • mod_deflate, mod_expires and KeepAlive enabled by default.
FastComet Website Optimization

Find the right Cloud for you

Get started with immediate activation or have your website transferred in less than an hour!

FastCloud Shared Hosting

FastCloud Shared Hosting

The top-rated Hosting Solutions for personal and small business websites - the perfect balance between cost and performance.

Virtual Private Cloud Server

Virtual Private Cloud Server

Fully managed SSD Cloud VPS hosting solution with priority 24/7/365 Technical Support to make your site blazingly fast.

Ultimate Dedicated Server

Dedicated CPU Server

Raw power and completely customizable environment with dedicated CPU for resource-demanding projects.

FastComet has been exceptional and I couldn’t be happier. They have helped me with several issues on my sites. Just off the top of my head they’ve helped me with email, site speed, addressing issues that have popped up on analytics and webmaster tools. I’ve been very pleased with their support.
The technical service was simply great and fast. Even too fast! I started working on my new website on my vacation time, during the Christmas time, and I was assisted on a weekend evening during that period. I thought it was crazy when the customer service answered on the chat me instantly!
I took advantage of your support and I must say, it is the perfect one. It is very fast, servers reliability is incredible and dedicated servers are setup and configured very quickly. Honestly, you are particularly good for small and big websites!
FastComet’s service is the best I have seen of any host I have used. The technical staff are very knowledgeable and quick to respond. And they are patient, even when the problem was caused by something I did wrong. I haven’t needed them much lately because my site has been created and things are running smoothly now, but it’s great to know they are there to answer my questions.
FastComet never made me feel silly for asking questions and provided great resources to help me understand how to attract more people to my site. I was able to have complete creative control without being overwhelmed with too many question or options. Whenever I had a question or issue, I received a prompt reply with a solution! I can’t say enough good things!
I’ve been with FastComet 5 months, and have already recommended it to three friends who are now using FastComet’ service. They are very satisfied!
After the migration, we really experienced how well the support is – even when the questions considered our systems and not regarding the hosting itself. Therefore, after a short testing, we moved all of our projects to FastComet and we never regretted this decision.
We are really experiencing joy of God’s blessing in our mission. Without our service, thousands of young people would not have found good education and hope for the future. We are grateful for the many volunteers and donors helping us in our mission. FastComet is one of them.
I have been SOO happy with FastComet. I am totally tech-unsavvy and the customer service that FastComet provides far exceeds my past service provider (on which I also paid double the price for monthly service!). As soon as anything goes wrong, or isn’t working right, I know I can easily get my site fixed with their help.
Review by Michael Quinn for FastComet
Michael Quinn

Founder & CEO

Review by Andrea Belfi for FastComet
Andrea Belfi


Review by Jonas Pranio for FastComet
Jonas Pranio


Review by Don Strenczewilk for FastComet
Don Strenczewilk


Review by Emily Schneller for FastComet
Emily Schneller

Lifestyle blogger

Review by Joyadams Munene for FastComet
Joyadams Munene


Review by Dimitri Petrik for FastComet
Dimitri Petrik

Affiliate Marketer

Review by Jaroslav Vracovsky for FastComet
Jaroslav Vracovsky

Salesian Priest, NGO

Review by Caitlin Ball for FastComet
Caitlin Ball

Health Coach


Commonly Asked Questions

Of course! When registering a domain name, you are considered as the official domain name owner. At any time you can decide whether to switch registrar that suits your requirements better. There are many people that initially register their domain names with one web host and end up switching to another.

We offer a simple and straightforward transferring process, which ensures that your domain is transferred as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Besides the free perks that come with each domain registered with us, there are even more incentives to transfer your existing domain to FastComet:

  • The transfer process of your domain name with FastComet is entirely free of charge. On top, you get a free domain transfer plus 1 year of free domain name renewal.
  • You can have everything centralized and manage your entire experience from the one place - both your domain and hosting services.

However, your registered domain name has to meet some requirements. Follow our Domain Transfer step-by-step tutorial if you want to move over your domain. It’s easy to get started and we provide all of the information you’ll need to walk you through the process.

Yes, absolutely! We would gladly become the new home of your website hosted with your former provider. The transfer process is extremely easy and straightforward. Save time and effort by letting our Technical support staff move your existing cPanel hosting account to a new account at FastComet. The best thing about our free transfer service is that it requires zero downtime to your sites. On top, once you purchase one of our hosting packages, you get a free domain registration or transfer. Note that if you are not using cPanel with your current host, we would transfer up to three sites and/or databases for free (depending on the hosting plan you select).

Closer datacenter location means faster loading time. You can have your website hosted closer to your target visitors and they will enjoy blazing fast speed.

Position your sites close to the majority of its site visitors by choosing between 10 data centers strategically placed on 3 continents throughout the USA, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America. This ensures that we always have a server close to your visitor’s location and there is minimum latency, reducing critical download time.

Selecting a data center is especially important for customers in the European Union, where General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) stipulate strict rules around the data location.

While competitors’ hosting platform offers many similar features to FastComet, there are a few primary areas where FastComet rises above:

  • FastComet is a web hosting provider and allows for you to choose from 500+ top-level domains (TLDs). This means you can register your domain name, build a website for it, and get it on the web - all in one place.
  • A free website transfer is provided for all FastComet clients. With each of FastComet's web hosting plans, you also get one free domain transfer, as well as a free domain name renewal for one year.
  • Partnerships with BitNinja and Cloudflare open the door to protect against DDoS attacks, vulnerabilities, phishing, and bad actors.
  • While others only offer hosting related technical support, we provide full support for your services, sites, and apps. Upon request, we will handle app installations, site optimization, configurations, custom software setups, and deployments, website transfers, and much more.
  • You’ll get an extra speed boost when you choose to host with our FastCloud RocketBooster featuring up to 300 X faster page loads.