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How to Edit Your WordPress User Profile

Updated on Jul 29, 2019

While every WordPress user has the option to edit their profile in your website, there are some settings which are available only to users with Administrators role. In this particular tutorial, we will discuss how you, as an active admin user, should update the "Your Profile" section presented in the dashboard area of WordPress.

To edit your WordPress profile, you need to learn:


How to Configure the Personal Options

To access the section which will allow you to edit your profile, get in the WordPress admin area, and navigate to Users → Your Profile.

Access the Profile Settings-in-wordpress

The first set of options will help you with editing and the visual aspect of your WordPress experience.

  • Visual Editor - For users that prefer to edit in the source code.
  • Syntax Highlighting - Disable syntax highlighting when editing code.
  • Admin Color Scheme - With this you can change the colors used in the admin dashboard.

Configure Visual and Editing Settings in WordPress Profile

The last two options available in this section are the Keyboard Shortcuts and Toolbar ones.

Enable Keyboard Shortcuts and Toolbar in WordPress Profile

Both are quite useful and we recommend to at least leave the Toolbar enabled all the time as it keeps active your admin toolbar shown above every page.


How to Populate the Name Fields

The name options here will also be used by some plugins so make sure you keep a correct and presentable information in these fields.

Configure Name Settings in WordPress Profile

  • Name - Information related to your details, such as:
  • Username - The username you use to login to your account (cannot be changed).
  • First Name - Your first name.
  • Last Name - Your last name.
  • Nickname - The displayed nickname under your posts.
  • Display name publicly as - Choose what should be displayed as your name when you post your articles.

How to Edit the Contact Information

The contact information associated with the account:

Edit Contact Information for WordPress Profle

  • Email - The email at which you would like the WordPress platform to send notifications. Note that this email will also be used for password reset and many more features, so it is essential for you to specify a valid email address.
  • Website - Every user can add his website to his profile. As this is a field available to everyone, even an account with admin role will have this option.

How to Change the Bio and Account Management

  • Biographical Info - Here, you can input some interesting information about you. This small bio will appear below each post you publish and will also be the main description in your dedicated author page. Those pages start with your name and bio, but they also provide visitors with a list of your posts. If your blog is most of the time, the author page will be accessible via /author/your_username
  • Profile Picture - WordPress uses Globally Recognized Avatar or Gravatar for short. The idea is that whenever you register in a gravatar enabled website, your avatar is automatically requested from Gravatar’s file system.

Edit the Bio Field in a WordPress Profile

The section also contains fields where you can also change your current admin password and a button to log out of all active sessions except the one you are currently using.

Manage your Account in WordPress

The latter option is good if you have forgotten your account open on another device or want to immediately limit access to only one device.

Extra profile settings fields:

Note that you can add more fields like social media links or extra personalization information like job position, meta description etc via plugins such as Yoast.

Once you are done editing your profile, you should press the Update Profile button. That will save the information you have added/changed on your profile.

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