Magento Tutorial

Magento is one of the most widely recognized e-commerce platforms today providing a perfect solution for both beginners and tech-savvy web developers to build, maintain and scale their online merchant business. Thanks to its long and dynamic history of development, large pro-active community and thousands of active websites, Magento combines a full set of features and functionality to support online stores of any size.

Since 2010 the free Magento open-source community edition is the most preferred platform for staring an online e-commerce website even by people with no previous experience in web development. Based on the Alexa 2011, 2012 and 2013 official e-commerce survey Magento has seen a staggering growth-rate, increasing in popularity to more than 20% of all e-commerce websites ranked in the first one million websites.

Below are some of the most important features making Magento the most preferred e-commerce platform today:

Products Management - Magento is the most feature-rich platform for creating a fully functional product catalog of any type of items. It supports a wide range of product attributes, stock-taking, product reviews, ratings and many more.

Billing and accounting - A large set of tools provides all functionalities needed to keep track of your sales, invoicing, order statuses and shipping. With a wide range of payment and merchant solutions support, Magento can be configured with your preferred payment method in a minutes in order to process Credit Card, PayPal and many other types of payments.

Marketing and SEO - The build-in SEO and marketing modules as well as the easy Google Analytics integration process give even a non-experienced users the tools needed to expand their online business.

Magento is International - Magento has a huge number of translations and additional language packs which can be easily installed. Furthermore, your store can accept more than two hundred currencies.

Over the years, the rapid development of the Magento community edition, as well as the enterprise version, resulted in an all-in-one solution for starting an online shop. FastComet's Magento Hosting packages are specially optimized to provide fast and secure hosting environment for Magento Stores.

In this Magento Tutorial:

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