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WordPress Tutorial

WordPress is a free web application used for building professional and stylish websites. Without any doubt, we can say that the platform is one of the most used Open Source applications these days. Contributing to this is the user-friendly admin interface and easy-to-use themes and plugins provided mostly for free.

In the beginning, WordPress started as a blogging tool used by millions. Within a few years, the platform became a strong foundation for many businesses, social and even e-commerce types of websites. Those sites required the transformation of the application to a fully manageable CMS based on PHP and MySQL.

Today WordPress is used by more than 60 million websites hosted over the web and this number is expanding each and every minute. You can start your WordPress web-hosting experience with a few clicks and within minutes with our WordPress Hosting Packages. We have our servers optimized for speed and security, including PHP 7.3 and various malware and malicious blocking systems, deployed on our servers to help your website feel at home.


To run WordPress, it is recommended:

  • PHP version 7.4 or higher.
  • MySQL version 5.7 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.2 or higher.
  • HTTPS support


WordPress can be installed on a multitude of platforms. Though the WordPress core software provides many provisions for operating a secure web application, the configuration of the operating system and the underlying web server hosting the software is equally important to keep the WordPress applications secure.

FastCloud Security

We are running PHP on all our servers using the suPHP handler, that is one of the most secure ways to run PHP. It also provides a great way to monitor the source of each process execution. That way, we can help clients locate a faulty running script. That is also known as running PHP from the account username instead of a shared one. Having that kind of server set up is also recommended by WordPress.


Businesses and developers have been searching for a way to provide an integrated experience to users and customers, across whatever channels they use. Furthermore, WordPress has been evolving for a long time already and was pushing the limits of the "CMS" confinement for the past year. All of this has led WordPress on the road of becoming a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) elevating itself above the CMS norm. With some elements like built-in REST API and Gutenberg's block structure, the platform is already taking steps in entering the DXP market.

In this WordPress Tutorial:

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