Private SSL Certificates

Avoid browser not secure warnings and improve your site's trust and search ranking on Google with an SSL-encrypted website. Stay protected against phishing with the aid of security experts. We’ll install your SSL certificate, fix redirect errors and even renew your cert before it expires completely FREE of charge.

What does the Private SSL offer?

Strongest encryption, fast installation and best security for your payments and customer data

Strong Security

Best encryption for your website, using SHA-256 hashing algorithms and 2048-bit RSA keys.

Quick Installation

No additional documentation is needed, get an SSL certificate for your website within an hour.

Free Site Seal

Get a Free site seal for your website to inform your visitors that their personal data is safe.

SEO Ranking

Improve your website's Google Rank by protecting it with an SSL certificate.

Phishing Check

Avoid Phishing attacks on your website at all costs. Keep your visitors protected!

Best Performance

SSL certificates can slow down your website. Get up to x8 faster SSL connection.

Browsers Compatibility

Our SSL certificates offer full compatibility with all web browsers.

$10,000 Warranty

Rest assured with the Comodo Positive SSL warranty of $10,000 for incorrectly issued SSL certificates.

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How does it work?

The SSL certificate provides an additional layer of security for the data passing through your website. Such data is considered the login details, payment information, and much more. With more than 99% of browser recognition and full mobile device support our SSL certificates are the perfect solution for your E-Commerce, community, or organization website.

SSL Handshake

Step 1:
SSL Handshake

The Comodo Positive SSL certificate will establish an encrypted connection with the browser of your visitors, each time they access a protected area of your website.

SSL Indication

Step 2:
SSL Indication

The browser of your visitor will display a padlock and an https:// prefix. This will indicate that all data transmitted by your visitor is protected by the Comodo Positive SSL certificate.

SSL Encryption

Step 3:
SSL Encryption

From this moment on, all information passing through your website will be encrypted with a 2048-bit key, completely unbreakable for hackers.

Top 5 Threats


Unencrypted Data

SSL Certificates offer complex encryption for the sensitive data on your website.

Unencrypted data is an easy target for hackers and it can result in stolen accounts or payment details of your clients.

You can resolve that with a Comodo Positive SSL certificate, using SHA-256 algorithms and 2048-bit RSA keys.


Phishing Attacks

A hacker can send a number of emails to your visitors, trying to impersonate the domain name on your website.

The link they will include in the email can have a single letter changed, so it can still look similar.

An SSL certificate on your website is a solution to that because hackers can hardly get such on their own.


Google Penalty

It is known that Google will provide an SEO boost for websites that are using SSL certificates.

If you do not have such, you are compromising the SEO score for your website. Our Comodo Positive SSL certificates are an excellent solution that will give your website a better chance of being on top of search engine results.


Online Sales Trust

Clients feel more comfortable purchasing products from websites if they can see that their personal data is secured.

This can be achieved with the installation of an SSL Certificate on your website, as it will encrypt all personal data.

Get an SSL certificate and show your clients that you care!


Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

This is when a hacker alters or relays the communication between your visitors and your website.

There are multiple causes for such attacks and some of them are even possible due to the SSL certificate you use.

Our SSL certificates make it impossible for MITM attacks to harm the sensitive data going through your website.

Compare SSL Features

Review all features included in our SSL certificates and pick the best one for your website

Free Let's Encrypt 
Comodo Positive SSL
Positive SSL Wildcard
Certificate Trust Level
Certificate Price Free $34.95/year $139.95/year
Secure Site Seal
SHA-2 Hashing Algorithm
2048-bit Encryption
Google SEO Boost
Support for All Major Browsers
Phishing Detection
Free Installation
Multiple Servers
Domain Validation
Comodo Warranty N/A Up to USD $10,000 Up to USD $10,000
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