How to View the System Information in Joomla

Updated on Mar 13, 2019

This tutorial provides more details about checking the system information of your Joomla website.

If you are a FastComet customer, you will not be able to view that Joomla feature right-away. The reason for that is the complex mod_security system that is implemented on all our shared hosting servers. It is in place, in order to protect you and your website against the most commonly used techniques for uploading malicious content to your account through your website.

However, you should not be worried about that. If you are certain that you wish to use that feature of Joomla, you can simply open a new ticket to our Support team and we will gladly disable the mod_security for your website so you can review that information further.

Then you need to log into your website as administrator and click on the System tab on the top menu and then go to System Information.

In the following 5 tabs you will see additional information regarding your Joomla website and its server:


System Information

This tab provides details about the Joomla platform and version you are running, the web services running on the server, PHP version, MySQL version, etc.


PHP Settings

This tab provides details about the PHP configuration of your server. This includes whether the Safe Mode is enabled or not, as well as a number of other functions, such as Register Globals, Magic Quotes, Display Errors, etc.


Configuration File

This tab provides some basic details about your website, such as the name of your website, Offline mode configuration, etc. All of those are included in the main configuration file of your Joomla application and you can review them from there as well.


Directory Permissions

This tab checks the permissions for certain directories on your website. It allows you to check whether you have set the correct permissions for the system folders on your Joomla installation and correct them if required.


PHP Information

This tab uses the phpinfo() function and checks the configuration of the server for you. This is a valuable check as it lists the actual configuration of the hosting environment that you are using.

If you are planning to optimize that environment for better performance of your website, this is the place to start the process.

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