How to create a search module in Joomla

Overview on how to create your own search module for your Joomla website

This tutorial details the process of creating a new search module on your Joomla website. To do that, you need to log into your website as administrator and then navigate to the Extensions tab and then Module Manager.



Click on the New button at the top-left corner of the screen.



To create a search box on your Joomla website, select the Search module from the list.



Edit the following options:


  • Title: Enter the title of your new search module.
  • Module: Set the module as published, select template position for it, etc.
  • Menu Assignment: Select the pages where the module should appear.
  • Module Permissions: Set the permissions for the new module.
  • Advanced: Set layout, caching option, tags, etc.



When you are ready, simply click the Save & Close button to create a search box.