How to secure your Admin URL

In this tutorial we will show you how to change your Admin Dashboard URL.

To protect your Magento store against brute-force attempts you might consider changing your default Magento Admin URL.


By default Magento supports to change this URL via your Magento Admin panel -> System -> Configuration -> Advance Menu -> Admin section under the Admin Base URL



Still, this method is known to cause some issues and might result in having your admin panel inaccessible. Thus, we recommend to use a different approach to change your Magento Store admin panel URL.


First, you need to open your Magento local.xml file which is located under your Magento app/etc/  directory. This can be done via your cPanel -> FIle manager or  by downloading the file in question via your favorite FTP client.

In the local.xml file you will find the following block of code:




In the line <frontName><![CDATA[admin]]></frontName>  you should change the admin panel path by replacing the "admin" with the desired path. For example:




After changing this value, please clear your Magento cache by removing the content of the cache folder located under /var/cache/. This can be done via your favorite FTP client or by using your cPanel -> File Manager via your web browser.


Having the cache cleared, your Magento Admin panel should be accessible via the new admin URL.