How to optimize your website performance

The following steps will help you maintain your Magento and improve performance.

There are several steps you might consider in order to improve your Magento website performance. Based on our experience we can recommend the following points to optimize your Magento store.


Step 1 Keep your Magento up to date

It is a good idea to keep your Magento application up to date. New releases usually include performance improvements and other patches that can greatly reduce your Magento website loading speed. Our Magento Hosting package includes free Magento application upgrade service so you can take advantage of the latest Magento version features by submitting a ticket to our technical support and request a free Magento Upgrade.


In case you are not a FastComet client you may consider transferring your Magento website to us by taking advantage of our Free Magento Website Transfer service.


Step 2 Enable Flat Catalog

If your Magento store has a large number of products you might consider enabling the Flat Catalog module for products and categories. This can be done via your Magento Admin panel -> Configuration -> Catalog


Magento flat catalog


Step 3 Enable Magento Cache

Reducing the number of queries to your Magento database is a great way to improve the performance of your Magento store. To achieve this you might consider enabling the caching functionality via your Magento Admin panel -> System -> Cache Managment


Magento Cache system

Step 4Extensions

Keep the number of third-party extensions to a minimum. Many extensions introduce extra processing and database queries which has a negative impact on the overall performance. You may review our tutorial on how to Manage Magento Extensions for additional information on enabling/disabling extensions.


Step 5 Product Images

Keep the size of your products images to a reasonable number. It is a good idea to edit your product images to achieve the best quality/size ration in order to reduce the loading speed of your website.


Step 6 File Compression

Consider enabling file compression for your text MIME types. This can be easily activated via your cPanel>Optimize Website section.


Magento cPanel Optimization


On the Optimize Website section select Compress the specified MIME types and include text/html text/plain text/xml.


Magento enable compression

Step 7 Reindex Magento Data

Reindex your Magento data by following the steps in our tutorial.


Step 8Optimize MySQL configuration

Optimize your MySQL service by editing your my.cnf. As there are many factors to consider there is no single configuration that suits all cases and you should set up your MySQL based on the resources you are able to dedicated to your MySQL service.


If you are a FastComet Shared Hosting customer, we have already applied the optimal configuration settings for the MySQL service to provide you with the best Magento Hosting environment on the shared hosting.


Free Magento Optimization

In case you are on a self-managed or other hosting provider you might consider transfer your website to FastComet for free. This will allow you to take advantage of our Free Magento optimization services included in our Magento Hosting packages.


Step 9Cloud or Dedicated Hosting


If you host your Magento e-commerce website on a shared hosting environment you might consider upgrading your hosting package to a VPS Hosting or a fully Dedicated Hosting solution. This will not only provide you with a lot more resources for your store but you will be able to take advantage of technologies such as APC, Memcached or eAccelerator.