Sales Options in Magento

This part of our tutorial will review the options available under the Sales menu.

The 'Sales' tab of the main Magento Dashboard menu contains several pages via which you can review your Orders, Invoices, Shipments, Transactions and other parts of your Magento store related to your store sales.


Magento sales menu


Via your Sales -> Orders page you can review all orders submitted to your website, their statuses and apply actions such as Cancel, Hold or Print order summary. You may also create a new order if you would like to include an offline sale into your Magento store.


The Sales -> Invoices section provides an overview of all invoices generated by your Magento store orders. You can have a quick view of their statuses to determine which invoices are still pending, change an invoice status as well as export the Invoice into a PDF file.


The Sales -> Shipment section allows you to track and change the status of your shipments. This section provides you with an easy to use interface to change your Shipment progress which can notify your clients with an email to inform them about the progress of their order shipment.


Under the Sales -> Transaction section you may review your transactions. The information provided is useful if you need to match a payment to order or check the payment method for any order.