Features Overview

A list of the main Magento features and system requirements

Below are some of the most important features making Magento the most preferred e-commerce platform today:


Products Management:  Magento is the most feature-rich platform for creating a fully functional product catalog of any type of items. It supports a wide range of product attributes, stock-taking, product reviews, ratings and many more.


Billing and accounting:  A large set of tools provides all functionalities needed to keep track of your sales, invoicing, order statuses and shipping. With a wide range of payment and merchant solutions support, Magento can be configured with your preferred payment method in a minutes in order to process Credit Card, PayPal and many other types of payments.


Marketing and SEO: The build-in SEO and marketing modules as well as the easy Google Analytics integration process give even a non-experienced users the tools needed to expand their online business.


Magento is International: Magento has a huge number of translations and additional language packs which can be easily installed. Furthermore, your store can accept more than two hundred currencies. 


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Start a Magento website in just 3 minutes:

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