cPanel Backup Restore Manager

How to restore files, folders, databases and cronjobs via cPanel

We at FastComet take data security very seriously. Thus, we keep several backups of our clients' accounts including daily, weekly and monthly copy. Crating a full copy of a hosting account can be a complicated process, creating a complete snapshot of hundreds of accounts can be even more complicated. To address this we have developed a backup system that creates a full snapshot including every aspect of your account's data.


Still, despite having this complicated process flawlessly performed on daily and weekly base a feature is only useful if users can take full advantage of it. To fully utilize the potential of our back up system we have integrated a fully-featured cPanel Backup Restore Manager.


The cPanel restore manager allows users to restore just any account related data including files, folders, databases, cronjobs and even domain DNS zones. This feature is provided to clients completely free of charge on all hosting packages.


Restore Manager

cPanel Restore Manager is not included by default in cPanel and might be missing from your account if you host your website with a different hosting provider. All FastComet clients should see the cPanel Restore Manager in their hosting account cPanel.