Create MySQL Database and User via cPanel

Updated on Sep 7, 2018

The MySQL Database Wizard is another useful tool that allows you to create a MySQL database and user via a web interface. If you are about to install a PHP-MySQL application and you do not have a database already created for your script, this tool will guide you through all the steps needed to create such.

To access the MySQL database Wizard, please scroll to the Databases section in your cPanel and click on the MySQL Database Wizard icon.

mysql database wizard

During the first step of your new database creation you will need to input the desired database name. Be advised that all cPanel databases are created with a prefix. This prefix represent your cPanel username and assures that your database name will be unique on the shared hosting environment even if you use a general database name such as test.

create database

For example, if your cPanel user is "myuser" and you input "database" as your database name, the result will be a database called "myuser_database". You should take this under consideration when you configure your application or script to make sure that the correct settings are applied.

When you have the desired database name set, please click the Next Step button. During the next step of the process you will need to input your database username and password. This user will be the only one able to access the database. The username also follows the rule that its name is generated with a prefix, containing your cPanel username.

create user

For example, if your cPanel user is "myuser" and you input "user" as your database user, the newly created database user will be "myuser_user".

To create the user click on the Create User button.

During the next step you should add privileges to your database user. Database user privileges sets the database actions that can be performed by this specific user. If you are about to setup and configure an application we recommend to apply All Privileges to make sure that your script will work properly.

add mysql privileges

When you are ready, click on the Next Step button on the bottom of the page. This will complete the process and you can now use your database name, user and password to install your application.

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