Set up a POP email account on your iPhone

Updated on Mar 13, 2019

POP3 is an incoming mail protocol which automatically download the incoming emails of your mail account on the device you will be checking that email account from. It is particularly useful if you would like to have all your emails downloaded on your device and then deleted from the server.

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to configure your iPhone settings in order to achieve POP3 connection to your mail account with us.

You should begin with the configuration of a new email account by accessing the Settings feature of your iPhone.


Then you will need to select the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" option from the Settings feature.


This action will present you with a new screen where you will need to select the Add Account option in order to begin with the configuration of your email account.


On the next screen you will be presented with the most commonly used email providers for which your iPhone provides automatic settings. Since the email service we are providing you with have noting to do with these you will need to select the last option from that list - Other.


In order to begin adding a new account you will need to click on the Add Mail Account option on the next screen.


Then you will be presented with the simple setup of your account where you will need to fill your Name, email Address, the Password for that address and finally few words as a Description of that email account.


When you are done with these settings, please press the Next button so you can proceed further with the configuration.

On the next screen you will need to choose the incoming mail protocol. Since this tutorial covers the POP3 protocol please click the POP button at the top of the screen.


Next you will need to proceed with the settings of the Incoming Mail Server on the same screen. The settings for the Incoming Mail Server includes the Hostname of your mail sever (usually it is, the Username (usually fully qualified email address e.g. [email protected]) and finally the password for your email address.


Once you are done with that configuration you will need to proceed with the configuration of the Outgoing mail server. The values of the Host Name, User Name and Password fields are exactly the same as those you have used for the incoming mail server setup above.


Finally you will need to press the Save button at the top of the screen in order for these settings to be saved. You will be able to then notice the newly configured mail account under the Accounts section.

That is all you will need to configure a POP email account on your iPhone.

Now let's learn how to access the newly configured mail account. In order to access it you will need to first access the Mail feature of your iPhone. This can be easily achieved from the home screen of your iPhone and then by clicking on the Mail icon.


Next you will be presented with the list of your Accounts where you will notice the newly configured email account. Please click on it so you can be able to access the emails for that email account.


The emails will be displayed on a separate page in a convenient for you structure.

Congratulations! You now know how to configure an email account with the POP incoming mail protocol!

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