Mail Tutorial

The abbreviation email stands for electronic mail and it is used for exchanging messages between users having an email accounts with their own domain name or using a free email provider such as Google, Yahoo and others.

The email systems today are usually working using a mail service running on the servers where the emails are sent and received. This allows for an email message to be delivered no matter if the end user is online or not as the message is stored on the recipient mail server.

In order to send a message the user needs to be connected to a mail server. The message can be send from the user's local computer with the use of Email Client - an application running on user's local computer allowing the connection to the remote mail server for sending/receiving/managing email messages. The most commonly used mail clients today are:

In this tutorial series we will review the most commonly performed actions for these mail clients and at the end you will have better understanding on how the email system is working and also you will be well familiar with how these email clients should be used in order for you to manage your email messages.

In this Mail Tutorial:

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