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How to setup rules (filters) in Apple Mail

Setting up rules and filters for the incoming emails in your Apple MAC email account

Rules in Apple MAC mail are specific options you can configure in order for the mail client to take certain action for incoming emails matching their contents. This is particularly useful if you would like to store certain emails in different than the default Inbox folder. For example you can configure all of your work related emails to be automatically moved to the “work” folder.


Let’s begin by accessing the “Rules” section. This section is available under the Mail menu > Preferences  and then by manually clicking on the “Rules” tab from the top horizontal tool box.




In order to add a rule simply use the “Add Rule” button. In the newly appeared section you will be able to fully configure the new rule you are adding. The rule contents are:

  • Description – Short description on what this rule will be used for.




  • Any/ALL – This options is if “any” or if “all” of the conditions listed below that option should be met. Think of that options like if “all” is selected then every single of the bellow configured conditions should be met and if “any” is selected then even a single condition will be enough to trigger this Rule.




Next you will find the conditions line. For example let’s set a condition where any mail containing the word “Test” will be sorted. This can be easily achieved by selecting “Any recipient” from the first dropdown list, “Contains” from the second and lastly you should fill the word that should be matched in this case “Test”.




You will notice how at the end of the condition there are “+” and “-” signs. These are used to respectively add or remove a condition.

At the next section you will notice that you will need to configure the actions that should be taken when the configured conditions are met.




Let’s say for example that we would like to move the messages matching the above configured conditions to the “Support” folder. Then the actions configuration should look like the following.




Finally you should click the “Ok” button from this section and finally the “Apply” button so the filter can be applied to the initially selected mail account.




Congratulations! You can now configure Rules for your incoming emails in your Apple MAC email client.