Configure the Registration Options in PHPFox

Updated on Dec 18, 2015

In PHPFox, you have the ability to specify the exact way your users will be allowed to register on your website. You can even disable registration and you will be the only person that can add new users.


To edit the registration options, you need to access your website as administrator and then click on the AdminCP button at the top-right corner.


Access administrative panel in PHPFox


Select the Settings button from the top menu and then Manage Settings.


Access the manage settings feature in PHPFox


In the Global Settings section, choose the Registration option.


Access the registration options feature in PHPFox


Some of the options that you can edit here are:


  • Allow User Registration - Set this to True of False depending on your choice.
  • Verify Email At Signup - When a new user registers, you can ask them to verify the new registration via email or not.
  • Captcha on Registration - Enable/disable captcha on registration in PHPFox. This is important in order to avoid spam bots registering on your website.
  • Date of Birth - Enable date of birth during the registration step.
  • Gender Field - Enable gender during the registration step.
  • Location: Enable location during the registration step.
  • Hide Main Menu - This will hide/show the main menu on the registration screen. This will restrict access to certain features on your website until the user registers.


Set register configuration in PHPFox

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