Configure the Payment Gateways in PHPFox

A review on how to set the payment gateways on your PHPFox website

Receiving payments from your website is important, especially if you have already configured the subscription packages and advertisements. To configure that as well, you need to access your website as administrator and then click on the AdminCP button at the top-right corner.


Access administrative area in PHPFox


Click on the Settings tab on the main menu and then Payment Gateways.


Access payment gatways feature in PHPFox


You do have the ability to use 2 payment gateways for your needs – 2checkout and PayPal.


Click on the arrow drop-down button next to the payment gateway you wish to edit. Then, simply click on the Edit Gateway Settings button.


<img alt="Choose a payment gateway to be used >


Edit the following options:


  • Title: Set the title of the payment gateway.
  • Description: Enter a short description for the payment.
  • Active: Set the payment gateway as active/inactive.
  • Test Mode: Set the payment gateway in test mode or not.
  • PayPal Email (dependent on payment gateway): Enter the email for your PayPal account.
  • 2Checkout Vendor ID Number (dependent on payment gateway): Enter your vendor ID for 2Checkout.




Click on the Update button to keep the changes.