How to Manage Promotions in PHPFox

Updated on Dec 18, 2015

PHPFox allows the automatic promotions of users on your website. This means that if a user reaches a certain milestone (for example days since the registration, activity points), the system will automatically promote them into a new user group.


Let us say that you have a subscription on your website at the price of $5 USD per one month. A new user registers and when they pay the subscription, they receive 50 activity points. If you have a promotion rule that says, if the user has 50 activity points, promote them to a special user, as soon as the user pays the subscription, the system will automatically promote them as a special user. This will save you time as you will not have to search and promote them manually.


To create a new promotion method, you need to access your website as administrator and then click on the AdminCP button at the top-right corner.


Access administrative area in PHPFox


Select the Users tab from the main menu and then Promotions > Add Promotion.


Add promotions in PHPFox


Edit the following options:


  • User Group: Select the user group that should be checked by the system.
  • Activity Points: Set a number of activity points when the rule should be triggered
  • Days Registered: Set a number of days since registration when the rule should be triggered.
  • Move User to User Group: Select the user group where the user should be moved to when the rule is triggered. 


Edit details of new promotion in PHPFox


Click on the Submit button to create the actual rule.

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