PHPFox overview

Updated on Dec 18, 2015


This tutorial is an overview of PHPFox and how it actually works. The script is desgined as a social networking software, which will allow you to design your own community of people sharing similar passions or interests. You can build up dating websites, specialized community of people with passion for sports and much more.


There are numerous advantages that may lead to choosing PHPFox for the development of your website.




  • FaceBook-like design - A default PHPFox script provides a theme, which is similar to the look of Facebook. This is a great advantage as once you put your website into production, the users that are familiar with FaceBook will feel more comfortable browsing your website as well.
  • Different Plans - PHPFox provides different versions of the script, depending on their price-tag. There is a Lite, Network and Community plan and each one of them provides certain functionalities, where the most expensive plan provides the full set of PHPFox features. This is a good option as you can start small and then expand with the growth of your business.
  • User-friendly - PHPFox is a user-friendly product. It provides a large number of different features that are a must for a social community software. 
  • Support - PHPFox provides a great support system and a team of professionals that are ready to assist you whenever they can. This makes things easier as you can always count on them if you have issues throughout the development of your website.





  • Paid - PHPFox is a paid software, which means that you need a valid license for the product in order to use it. This makes it difficult for starters, whose websites are not generating any profit yet.
  • Complex - Even though the script is user-friendly, it still has certain missing features, which are required for a community website. Review PHPFox carefully for more information if it covers the features that you are looking for. You can do so via the official PHPFox demo.


System requirements

The PHPFox system requirements are standard and the application is suitable for all of our hosting plans. The requirements of the script are:


  • Web server - Apache, NginX, IIS, CGI, FastCGI, or ISAPI.
  • Operating system - Solaris, Linux, BSD, Windows or Mac.
  • PHP - version 5+
  • MySQL - version 4.1 and above.

Useful resources

It is always important to know where to search for more information on how to use a particular script. This way, if you need assistance, you will always be able to find such. 

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