How to Manage Newsletters in PHPFox

Updated on Dec 18, 2015

It is important to be familiar with newsletters when building a community website. This is because it is always a good idea to interact with your users and update them on the new features.



Make sure that your newsletter is not considered as a spam! It is important as if it is considered as such, this may result into the blacklisting of the IP address you are using for the mail service of your website.


To create or manage your newsletters, you need to access your website as administrator and then click on the AdminCP button at the top-right corner.


Access admin panel in PHPFox


Step 1Create a newsletter

Click on the Modules tab at the main menu and then Newsletter > Create Newsletter.


Create a newsletter in PHPFox


Edit Newsletter options:


  • Archive - Archive the newsletter for another time
  • Override Privacy - Override privacy data on your website


Edit newsletter basic options in PHPFox


Edit Audience options:


  • User Groups - User groups for the targeted users
  • Location - Select the country of the targeted users
  • Gender - Select a gender for the targeted users
  • Age Group Between - Set a range for the age of the targeted users
  • How many per round - Set a limit for the number of emails to be set at one go


Specify targeted audience for newsletter in PHPFox


Edit Content options.


  • Subject - Enter the subject of the newsletter
  • HTML Text - Enter HTML Text
  • Plain Text - Enter the plain text of the body for your newsletter


Edit newsletter content in PHPFox


Step 2 Delete a newsletter

Click on the Modules tab at the main menu and then Newsletter > Manage Newsletters.


Access newsletter manager in PHPFox


Click on the arrow drop-down box next to the newsletter you wish to remove and then hit the Delete Newsletter button.


Select and delete existing newsletter in PHPFox

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