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Updated on Apr 23, 2018

Why should you become a FastComet Affiliate?

Affiliate programs have solidified their presence in the online community as one of the main source of income for a lot of blogs, websites, ratings and review sites rivaling advertisement banner space and sponsorships. Of course, the commission rates and terms vary a lot from one program to another and as such, the goal of this blog post is to familiarize you with the FastComet Affiliate program.

Let us start off with the quality of the product and the demand for it. As one of the more important things, to generate commissions from an Affiliate program, you must be sure about the usefulness of the product and the market's need for it. FastComet's hosting solutions offer great value, useful features and are reliable and fast in covering the needs of the customer.

Another important point is the experience of the pre-sale agents. FastComet has an excellent pre-sale team that is going to do everything in their power in order to provide the visitor with the right package and make him a customer. This is also tied with the conversion rate - an experienced agent will have more sales and thus convert more of the visitors coming from your website to customers which will result in a bigger commission for you.

FastComet is still young as a company but the veteran team behind it knows that customer satisfaction and quality service is king when it comes to business making and hosting solutions in specific. That is why, if you look around online, you will see an overwhelming positive user ratings and reviews. This is a catalyst for future sales as more and more users prefer to thoroughly check the background of a company before making the decision to become their clients.

One of the things that many companies have made a practice for their affiliate programs is to delay and put limits on payouts, or not provide an adequate tracking feature. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to get the money you have made via your links and banners or not having an idea which link made you the biggest amount of commissions. FastComet offers you a full toolset to build your affiliate marketing campaign which includes an excellent tracking and statistics options to help you monitor the conversion, and commissions associated with your links. The PayPal payout method that is used will make it so you can get your money after your first sale and a time period of only 45 days, compared to the usual 60-90 days periods set by other companies.

Last but not least the commission rates themselves are all in your favor. You will receive $10 in your affiliate profile as a sign up bonus even before making a sale and the multi-tier commission rates can net you up to $125 per sale after the 20th conversion in any given month.

With so many positive sides to FastComet's affiliate program, you can be sure that with the right banner placement and targeted audience, your website will start generating passive income for you right away.

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