AbanteCart Features

Updated on Mar 13, 2019



The core features of AbanteCart are quite a lot and we will mention only the most important and distinguished ones.



The catalog or the place where you manage all of your products is the right place where you will find everything you need related to your products base. 


  • Unlimited Categories, products, images etc. – AbanteCart does not limit you on the amount of assets you can create and manage.
  • Multi Store support – You can create as much as stores you would like to within a single AbanteCart installation.
  • Downloadable/Digital products – You are provided with the option to sell any digital product you would like to.
  • CMS – In order to manage the displayed blocks and contents of your Online Store you are provided with easy to use CMS feature with custom pages and layouts.
  • Media Library – You will be able to easily manage all media you upload on your server with a simple and easy to use media library.
  • Flexible product attributes and product options – You can create and manage as much as product attributes and options you would like to as AbanteCart does not limit you.
  • Product Review – Every product you add to your website have the option to receive customer reviews.



The customers base of your website is provided with the following features:


  • Guest and Account Checkout options – Your customers will be able to checkout as guests or as regular registered users.
  • Orders Monitoring – You are provided with the option to monitor all of the incoming orders over email.
  • Custom Promotions and combinations – You can create as much as custom promotions and combinations you would like as you are not limited on that matter as well.
  • Customer Attributes – These are custom fields you can add to the registration form of your E-Commerce website.



The supported payment methods which you will have the option to configure are:


  • PayPal
  • CashFlows
  • Authorize.Net (AIM)
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cheque / Money Order
  • Cash On Delivery
  • And many more..



By default you will be provided with the following shipping methods to configure for your Online Store:


  • Flat Rate
  • Free Shipping
  • Pickup From Store
  • Weight Based Shipping
  • And many more...


Localization & SEO


With the integrated Localization and SEO options you will be able to provide your customers with the following features:


  • Unlimited Currencies – You can have as much as currencies you would like to and for each you can configure its own symbol.
  • Multi-Langual – AbanteCart offers you the option to add as many as translations you would like to and for each you can easily configure everything thanks to the integrated admin section.
  • SEO URLs – AbanteCart comes fully SEO friendly optimized and you are provided with the option to enable SEO URLs.
  • Mobile Friendly – The Software comes fully compatible with the latest innovative requirements by Google – Mobile Friendly Storefront.
  • Meta information options – You can configure basically every Meta Information option you would like to for any of your products.



The code of the application follows well known and established over the years security standards and approaches to mitigate potentially every attack on your website.


  • Unique Access tokens – Each customer is authenticated using an additional unique access token each time a customer log in.
  • Password Encryption in the database – Every customer’s password is encrypted into the database where it is saved.
  • Custom Admin URL ­– The store owner is provided with the option to specify a custom URL to the admin are of the AbanteCart.
  • SSL Compatibility – The platform is fully integrated with SSL certificates and if you enable this feature your application will be even more protected. With our AbanteCart Hosting package you are provided with FREE SSL Certificate.


These are only the most important features and you can review the full list of features the application offers at their official Features page.


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