What are the Advantages & Benefits

Updated on Dec 10, 2015


Key Benefits of using AbanteCart for the Store Owners


AbanteCart is one hell of a piece of software which comes with the following benefits for its users:

  • Easy Extension Installation and management – All the extensions can be installed and managed within the admin interface of AbanteCart. This makes the application easy for extend and maintain by basically every type of user – from basic store owner to a professional developer.
  • Easy upgrading process – Integrated tools for performing one click upgrade right from the control panel section of the platform.
  • Large number of Payment and Shipping modules – The application supports and provides large variety of payment methods and options for providing your customers with all the payment options they need. This is well extended by the supported shipping methods as once a product is purchased the next most important thing for the customer is the shipping method.
  • “Search Anything” – Search tool for finding potentially everything you will need via the admin area of AbanteCart.
  • Data Importing tool – No matter what E-Commerce platform you have used up to this point you can always import the data to AbanteCart thanks to the importing tool the application provides. 


Why should you choose AbanteCart?


Currently there are quite a lot of Opensource E-Commerce solutions on the market and probably you wonder why to risk everything with one brand new product. Indeed AbanteCart is new, however it’s design and innovative security approaches used by the application developers makes it one of the most reliable Opensource E-Commerce platforms these days. The key advantages of the platform are:


  • Free Application, Free Support – Since this is completely free Opensource project everyone can download and use the application. Due to the simple fact that AbanteCart is actually supported by community of users, it’s support is completely free and you can request or give help anytime you would like to via the application forums.
  • Easy to start and maintain – The application is meant for everyone who can browse over the web. You do not need any extensive training or any advanced knowledge in managing Online Stores.
  • Fast and Secure – By default AbanteCart comes fully optimized for insane performance and fast loading speed with essentially no environment optimization. If you add the perfectly optimized hosting environment we offer with all our packages you will have the fastest and most secure E-Commerce platform running for the needs of your customers.
  • No Limits – Since AbanteCart is fully Opensource you can build and extend the application as much as you would like to. You are not limited by any license or internal application codes. This makes the application perfect for nearly every user with a codding experience behind his/her back.


Furthermore the amount of Extensions for AbanteCart is growing exponentially to a point where you will be able to find any extension you will need for extending the functionality and the look of your Online Store. 


Start an AbanteCart store in just 3 minutes:

To help you get started with AbanteCart our Technical Support team provides Free AbanteCart Installation.

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