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AbanteCart is free E-Commerce type of Opensource platform which will help you build and maintain an Online Store for selling your company products. The application is licensed under Open Software License and all the licensing information can be found in the provided license.txt file which you can find in the installation package once you download it.

AbanteCart is built from scratch using the MVC oriented code approach which makes it flexible for extending. This approach also enables many developers and contributors to build their own extensions and software solutions that can be integrated with the application. Additionally you will be able to find the CKEditor WYSiWYG extension and the jQGrid javascript extension which will allow you to edit data lists in a spreadsheet like interface.


The AbanteCart E-Commerce platform require a standard setup for the most common opensource php/mysql based scripts. The application is supported on all our Web Hosting Packages. Here are the actual system requirements.

  • Web Server (Apache, recommended)
  • PHP v5.3+ (tested up to v5.5)
  • MySQL v5.0+
  • Curl or fsock support

Furthermore if you have any existing website and you are experiencing loading speed issues our services will help you solve those as we can boost the loading speed of your website with quite a lot compared to your current hosting provider.

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