Introduction to ClipBucket

Updated on Dec 10, 2015

Clip Bucket is probably the most famous and easy to use MMS type of application Multimedia Management Script. This mean that by installing this application you will be able to fully manage different type of media formats (videos, audios or photos) uploaded either by you or by any of the users you have registered on your Clip Bucket website.

Clip Bucket will help you to easily build media sharing website such as Youtube for example and the best part is that you will be the owner allowing you to generate outstanding profit from your website and also to build a social community of users allowed to upload media to their profiles making each of their profiles like a separate channel with multimedia.

The main features of the application you might be interested in are:

  • Real Time Conversion The applications uses server side tools such as FFMPEG to convert uploaded videos so the users can stream those videos directly on your website using the integrated Flash or HTML 5 players.
  • Complete Media Management Script With Clip Bucket you are no longer limited to manage only videos, but you can also take full advantage of the supported media formats like Videos, Photos and Audios all together on one platform.
  • User Management & Messaging System The application also enables you to fully manage social network within your Multimedia sharing website. With the integrated messaging system the users can send messages to each other. Also you are able to limit the access to certain areas of your website to certain users or group of such.
  • Ajax Comments & Ratings With the integrate AJAC techniques your users will be able to comment and rate the media uploaded on your website easily and on the fly while the user is browsing the media content.
  • Built-in Language Editor The application offers a fully integrated language editor which you can use to modify the phrases on your website in order to translate your website to another language or you can also install separate language packs available in the official forums of the application.
  • Channels & User Feeds The users of your Clip Bucket website will receive their own channel where the uploaded media by the user will be shown. Each channel can be fully customized by its owner in order to perfectly represent the uploaded content by the user. The User Feeds are simple updates and Activity of particular user just the same as those presented in Facebook.
  • Security The application developers are ensuring 100% SQL injection protection allowing for your script to be at top level of security.
  • Scalability & Multi server The application is highly scalable platform and with the Multi Server plugin you will be able to take your website from one server to tens or even thousands of servers and you will be able to manage all of that content via just one control panel. This will allow you to stop worry about the traffic hikes and load optimizations.

The application is fully compatible and also supported by all of the packages we are offering. Our support team is specialized and experienced in the installation of different themes, plugins or the application itself along troubleshooting common issues with the application.

In the next tutorials of our Clip Bucket tutorial series we will present you with some of the main features supported by the application, their configuration and also many management related approaches for managing the content of your website.

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