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Updated on Dec 10, 2015


Zendesk bought Zopim on April 10, 2014. The new service does not abide by all of the previously established terms and no longer provides free accounts for partners rendering this Tutorial Section out of date.

If you implement live chat to your Arastta store your customers will be able to contact you via it. This is very important as it enables you to provide them with support and help them choose products from your store. Zopim Live Chat has a free Lite version that we offer as an addon product and it can provide you with all features needed for a great customer support.

To Implement Live Chat with your Arastta store:


Add Zopim Live Chat to Arastta

To get Zopim Live Chat for your Arastta store you will first need to login to your FastComet client area and access the Order section.

Accessing the Order Menu in the FastComet Client Area

Zopim Live Chat is listed as a product addon, so you will need to click on the Product Addons tab.

Navigating to the Product Addons Section

Scroll down till you see the Zopim Live Chat addon service.

Adding the Zopim Live Chat to your cart

Click on the Add to Cart button to add the addon to your shopping cart. Once the ordering process is completed you will receive an email containing the login information for your Zopim account.


Add Zopim Live Chat to Arastta

To implement the Zopim Live Chat you will need to login to your Arastta admin area and navigate to System → Settings.

Navigating to the Settings Menu in Arastta

When you select the SEO tab and scroll down, you will see the Google Analytics Code section.

Pasting the Zopim Script in the Google Analytics field

Paste your Zopim live chat widget here and select Enable from the drop-down menu below. When you are ready click the Save button at the top of the page to save the changes.

Now you should see the live chat interface in the front-end of your store. To start monitoring the chat requests, login into your Zopim dashboard.

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