Arastta Overview

Updated on Apr 1, 2016

Applications are usually forked in order to continue expanding on the idea behind the project even when the original creator is unable to do so. Considering the changes made to set apart Arastta from Open Cart, it is a pleasant surprised to see fresh new ways to change the appearance of a website and at the same time to have an intuitive and easy to use interface. The Layout Manager can help you with placing all of the site’s elements as you desire without the need of knowledge in coding.


On the other hand the build-in market and the ability to install extensions with a few clicks makes Arastta attractive for anyone who wants to publish his work and for the community as the content is easily accessible.


It seems like Denis Dulici and Enes Ertuğrul have a clear view of the future and what must be done to make the application even better as they have released a roadmap with their plans for new versions.


System Requirements:



  • Web Server (Apache, Nginx, IIS)
  • PHP 5.3.10 or higher
  • MySQLi 5.1 or higher


  • cURL
  • ZIP
  • Zlib
  • GD
  • mCrypt
  • Mbstring / Iconv



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