Manage Product Attributes

Updated on Dec 10, 2015

Adding Attributes to your products will make them easier for comparison by the customer. This will help the customer pick the product that best suits his needs which will increase his satisfaction with your store.


Step 1 Create Attribute Group in Arastta

To add attributes in Arastta, you will have to be logged as an Administrator in the back-end of your Store and go to Catalog>Attributes>Attribute Groups.


Access Attribute Group Menu


You may wonder why we didn’t go directly to the Attributes but instead went to Attribute Groups. Well, when you create more than one attribute for the same kind of products you will need a group to keep them. Let us say that we want to add a few attributes for micro processor product. First you will need to hit the green Add New button.


Create New Attribute Group


  • Attribute Group Name – The name of the Attribute group
  • Sort Order – The lower the number, the higher this attribute group will show compared with other attribute groups. Click the Save button to create the attribute group.


Step 2 Add Attributes in Arastta

Now we can go to Catalog>Attributes>Attributes to add attributes to this group.


Attributes List in Arastta


Click on the Add New button to add a new Attribute.


Configuring Attributes in Arastta


Choose the name for the new attribute, the attribute group from the drop-down menu and a sort order for this attribute and click Save.


Step 3 Add Attributes to products in Arastta

Now when adding a product that can use this attribute you can select it in the Attribute tab of the product creation process.



Now the customer will be able to see these two attributes when comparing two different CPUs and choose the one that fits for his project.

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