How to Install Arastta via Softaculous

Updated on Dec 10, 2015

As of September 21st 2015 Arastta is officially supported by Softaculous. This very quick installation process will help you install multiple versions of Arastta in a few minutes and is the preferred method by newer users.


To complete the Arastta Softaculous Installation, please follow these steps:


Step 1 Find the application in Suftaculous

Login to your cPanel and click on the Softaculous Apps Installer icon.


Locating Softaculous in Cpanel


Search for Arastta in the search bar menu and then click on the result.


Arastta in Softaculous


Here you can see a summary of the application, features, demo and ratings.


Step 2 Configuring the Installation options

 Click on the Install tab to get to the install configuration window.


Arastta Application Options


You can modify the following options:


  • Choose Protocol  Choose HTTPS if you have SSL activate for your domain



Installing an application with the https:// protocol, without having a valid SSL certificate, might affect your website accessibility and/or result in security warnings. If you need a hosting solution with an SSL certificate to secure your store, you may review our SSD Arastta Hosting Plans.


  • Choose Domain -  The domain on which you will install Arastta
    In Directory: The directory in which you want to install Arastta (leave empty if you wish to use the public_html)
  • Store Name - The name of your Store
  • Admin Username - The admin username you wish to use
  • Admin Password - The admin password you wish to use
  • Admin Email - The email address on which your admin credentials will be sent

Advanced Options:


  • Database Name - You can customize the name of your database here
  • Disable Update Notifications - If you don’t want to receive notifications regarding future updates of this installation


Step 3 Finalize Installation

Click on the Install button to install Arastta.


Creating the Arastta Administrators Account


Once the installation is completed you will receive two links, one for the front-end of your store and one for your back-end (admin dashboard).


Successfull Arastta Installation


You can now login in both by using your admin credentials but you will mainly use the admin dashboard when configuring your store. Congratulations, you have successfully installed Arastta.

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