The main features provided by phpBB 3

Updated on Jan 6, 2016

In order to give you a nice look on the features this platform offers we will provide bellow few of the main and probably most important features provided with the default installation of the platform:


  • User Registrations – This feature will allow large amount of users to create accounts on your phpBB3 based website in order to gain access to the contents or forums you have created. The whole registration process is strictly secured by the CAPTCHA Confirmation method, Flood Control, Password Hashing and many more security features.
  • Users - As we have mentioned the registration for users is allowed, however you are probably wondering what are the additional features for your users? Well phpBB3 provides your users with the option to configure on their own Signatures, User Ranks, User Avatars, User Preferences and Profile settings, Custom Profile fields and many more useful information for their profiles.
  • Creation of Forums – You will be able to add as many as forums you would like to on your Board and allow the access to the registered users to the newly created boards. There are a lot of sub features to the Forum feature like for example the Forum Categories, Password Protection for forums, Forum Pruning, Bookmark forum topics and many, many more.
  • Posting – The posting features include the use of BBCode & Custom BBCode, Attachments, Smilies & Emoticons, Post Drafts and few other useful features.
  • Styles – phpBB3 offers two basic styles which the platform comes with. You can choose whether your users should have both of these available for selection (as the users also have the option to choose the style of the Board on their own) or to have a single style they will be using on your Board. Furthermore you are able to install many custom templates for your Board and also you will be able to mix the Templates, Themes and imagesets for all of your styles which is adding more personality to the overall look of your Board.
  • Plugins – phpBB3 comes with few plugins you have full control of. The platform offers also the option for new plugins to be added(installed) by the administrators of the platform so you can be able to improve the user experience and overall functionality of your Board. 



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