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How to restore Files/Folders via cPanel

Step by step instructions on how to restore your files or folders via the cPanel Restore Manager

To restore a single file or a folder from your account backup simply login your cPanel and navigate to the Restore Manager section.


restore file cpanel


Restore Manager

cPanel Restore Manager is not included by default in cPanel and might be missing from your account if you host your website with a different hosting provider. All FastComet clients should see the cPanel Restore Manager in their hosting account cPanel.

Click on the Restore File to open the file/folder restore interface. To initiate the process, please select the desired backup date from which you would like to have your data restored.


backup manager


From the right drop down menu, please select the domain which will load all files for that domain available in the selected backup. Next, select the desired file or folder that should be restored and click on the green button Restore to initiate the process.



This will initiate the restore process. Depending on the size of the file/folder the process might take up to a few minutes.



You can track the progress of the restore and click the Go Back button when the process is complete. Your files should be restored now from the desire backup date.