vTiger Overview

Review of how to build a vTiger website and the main functionality of the product

Let is have a closer look of vTiger, it's core features and how it actually works. This is a useful way of reviewing a script before you actual start using it. It also allow you to decide if this is the actual product for your CRM system.



vTiger is a Customer Relationship Management system that allows an easier management of the company workflow. It is designed for maintaining of a company's sales force, marketing, support for customers and collaboration. If you require a piece of software for the needs of your organization that will allow you to keep all your workflow up-to-date, vTiger is one of the best choices for that.


System Requirements

The system requirements of vTiger are standard and FastComet provides a designed and managed SSD vTiger packages for proper operation of your website.


  • Web Server: Apache preferable, Windows, NginX
  • Software: PHP version 5.2.x or above.
  • Database: MySQL version 5.x.


Useful Resources

We have prepared some useful resources about vTiger and how to manage your website using it. This is a good base point if you decide to use the script for the development of your website.