How to Create a New Profile in vTiger

Updated on Dec 10, 2015

A good way of restricting access to different areas on your vTiger website is to create different profiles. You can specify the actions, available modules and features for a particular profile and restrict access to others for it as well. Then, you can assign a profile to a particular role on your website. When you do so, the available actions for the profile will be applied to all users in that role.


To create a new profile on your vTiger website, you need to log into your website as administrator. Navigate to the Settings icon and then CRM Settings.


Access CRM settings in vTiger


Locate the Users & Access Control section and then click on the Profiles service.


Access profile manager in vTiger


Click on the Add Profile button to create one. 


Add new profile in vTiger


You need to fill-in the following details:


  • Profile Name - Enter a unique name for the new profile
  • Description - Enter a short description for the new profile.


This step will allow you to set specific permissions to the profile for each of the modules on your website.


Edit profile details in vTiger


Click on the Finish button to keep the changes on your new profile.

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