How to restore a full backup of Thelia

Overview on how to restore a full backup of your Thelia website

The restore of a full backup of your Thelia website may be required if there is an issue with it and you wish to restore it to a working state.


The Thelia backup restore includes the following steps:

Step 1 Restore files

The first step of the actual process is to restored the files of your Thelia installation on the server. Make sure that the directory, where you would like to restore the backup is empty and then simply upload all of the files of your Thelia backup to it.


FTP Configuration

We provide a full set of text and video FTP tutorials. They will introduce the most popular FTP clients and how to configure/use them as per your needs. Read more about our TEXT or VIDEO tutorials.


Step 2 Restore database

The second step is to restore the backup of your database. For that purpose, you need a clean database on your account.


MySQL Configuration

You can create a new database and a user assigned to it via cPanel. Simply follow our MySQL Wizard tutorial for information on that.


Once the new and empty database is created, you can proceed further with the restore of your Thelia database. Access your cPanel account again and click on the phpMyAdmin service.


Access phpMyAdmin service in cPanel


Select the new database you created from the list on the left-side of the screen.


Access database via phpMyAdmin


Click on the Import button at the top menu.


Access import feature for a database via phpMyAdmin


Select the database dump backup file of your Thelia database from your local computer. Then simply click on the Go button to proceed with the import.


Upload a database backup for an import via phpmyAdmin



Step 3 Link files and database

Up until this moment, you have a location on your account, where you have restored the files of your Thelia website. You also have a database on your account, where you have restored the backup of your Thelia database. Now, it is time to link them together, which will complete the restore process for your website.


For that purpose, you need to locate and edit the configuration file of your Thelia website and enter the new database details for the database name, database user and the password.


Configuration file

We recommend reviewing our tutorial on how to locate and edit the Thelia Configuration File.


Once you edit the file and set the correct new database details, simply save it. All done, your website is now restored to the exact same state it was when you took the backup.