How to Edit Store Information in Thelia

Review on how to edit the store information on your Thelia website

This tutorial will review the process of editing the store’s basic information using Thelia. This will allow you to set the name of your website, contact details, store address, etc.


To edit the basic information for your website, you need to access the administrative area of your Thelia installation. Then, click on the Configuration button at the top menu.


Access configuration menu in Thelia


Locate the System Parameters tab and then click on Store.


Access Store features in Thelia


Edit the following details:


  • General - Enter the name of your store, phone number, Business ID, email address, etc.
  • Store Address - Enter the address of your store, the city, country, etc.


General Store Information In Thelia


When you are ready with the changes, simply click on the Save and close button to keep them.