How to configure SMTP in Thelia

Updated on Dec 10, 2015

The use of SMTP for the mail service of your Thelia website will ensure the properly delivered emails to your clients. This will also allow you to configure the mail service with a specific domain, which will make emails look more professional.

To get SMTP  mail service to work with Thelia, you need to:


Create an Email Account

Email Accounts

Our SSD Thelia Hosting package allows you to create unlimited email accounts. We also have an excellent tutorial on how to manage cPanel email accounts.

The first step of the process is to prepare the email account you will be using for the mail service on your website. If you do not have such an email account, you can simply create one via your cPanel account. You need to locate the Mail section and then Email Accounts.

Access Email accounts in cPanel

Edit the following details:

  • Email - Enter the name of your new email account. Note that if you have any parked/addon or subdomains, you will be able to select them here
  • Password - Enter the password of your new email account
  • Password (again) - Enter the password again for verification
  • Mailbox Quota - Set the limit for the mailbox quota in MB or choose unlimited for no limitations

When you enter the details above, simply click on the Create Account button to proceed.

Create an email account in cPanel


Configure SMTP in Thelia

The next step is to configure your Thelia installation with SMTP. You need to access the administrative area of your website and then click on the Configuration button at the top menu.

Access Configuration menu in Thelia

Locate the System Parameters tab and click on Mailing System.

Access mailing system in Thelia

Edit the following options:

  • Enable remote SMTP use - Yes
  • Host - (where is your actual domain name)
  • Port - The port on which the SMTP connection will be established. Set this to 25 or 2525
  • Encryption - Leave this field blank
  • Username - Enter the email account that you created during the previous step
  • Password - Enter the password for your email account
  • Auth Mode - Set that to "login" without the quotes

Enable and configure SMTP in Thelia

When you edit the details above, simply click on the Save button to keep the changes.

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