Create and manage promotions in PHPFox Neutron

Tutorial on how to create and manage different promotions for users in PHPFox Neutron

PHPFox Neutron allows the automatic promotions of users on your website. This means that if a user reaches a certain amount of activity points(or days registered), the system will automatically promote them into a new user group that you have previously specified.


Let us say that you have a subscription on your website at the price of $5 USD per month. A new user registers and when they pay the subscription, they receive 50 activity points. If you have a promotion rule which states , that if the user has 50 activity points they should be promoted to a special user, as soon as the user pays the subscription, the system will automatically promote them as a special user. This will save you the time of manually promoting your userbase.


To create a new promotion you will need to login to your admin dashboard, click on the Promotions section located in your main panel and click on the Create a Promotion button.


Access Promotions Section in PHPFox Neutron


Here you will see 4 configuration options:


  • User Group -  This is the current user group that will be affected by the promotion.
  • Activity Points - The amount of activity points needed for the promotion.
  • Days Registered - The amount of days registered required for the promotion.
  • Move User to User Group -  The User Group to which the members who have reached the goal of activity points/days registered will be moved to.


Create Promotion Options in PHPFox Neutron


Click the Submit button to create the promotion and you are done.