Create and manage promotions in PHPFox Neutron

Updated on Nov 1, 2018

PHPFox Neutron allows the automatic promotions of users on your website. This means that if a user reaches a certain amount of activity points(or days registered), the system will automatically promote them into a new user group that you have previously specified.


Let us say that you have a subscription on your website at the price of $5 USD per month. A new user registers and when they pay the subscription, they receive 50 activity points. If you have a promotion rule which states , that if the user has 50 activity points they should be promoted to a special user, as soon as the user pays the subscription, the system will automatically promote them as a special user. This will save you the time of manually promoting your userbase.


To create a new promotion you will need to login to your admin dashboard, click on the Promotions section located in your main panel and click on the Create a Promotion button.


Access Promotions Section in PHPFox Neutron


Here you will see 4 configuration options:


  • User Group -  This is the current user group that will be affected by the promotion.
  • Activity Points - The amount of activity points needed for the promotion.
  • Days Registered - The amount of days registered required for the promotion.
  • Move User to User Group -  The User Group to which the members who have reached the goal of activity points/days registered will be moved to.


Create Promotion Options in PHPFox Neutron


Click the Submit button to create the promotion and you are done.

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