How to configure the SMTP settings

Configuring the SMTP settings for the Jomres outgoing mail service

You can easily configure your Jomres website to send emails to your user base. As many providers are now blocking PHP mail functionality, you can configure a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to make sure your emails will not get blocked.


To do so, you will need to login to your Joomla admin dashboard and navigate to Components>Jomres to open the Jomres back-end.


accessing the jomres component


Now select the Site configuration option from the main menu and click the Email Settings option.


accessing the jomres component


Here you can configure:


Email sent from which address? - The email address that will be shown in the sent emails as FROM:
Email Settings - Click Yes to enable SMTP
Altarnate Host - The host for your SMTP email (localhost in most cases)
Alternate Port - The port for the SMTP connection – 25 for non SSL and 465 for SSL connection.
Alternate Protocol - Depending on your smtp server settings, you need to leave this blank, or enter ssl or tls depending on your connection type.
Use authentication - If your SMTP server requires clients to login, set this to Yes. (set to No in most cases)
Alternate Username - email account username if you have enabled authentication         
Alternate Password - email account password  if you have enabled authentication


configuring the changes


Then click the Send test email button at the bottom of the page and you will be prompted to enter an email address that will receive the test mail.

testing the configuration

You will need to click Send test email again and you should receive the test email in the next few minutes on the email address you specified.

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