How to change the Business Features in Jomres

Changing the Business Featuresfor your Jomres based website

Jomres comes with a pre-defined base of more than 55 business features which you can customize as you see fit and add to your properties.


Let’s begin!


Step 1 Add aBusiness Feature

To add a new Business feature you will need to access you Jomres dashboard and navigate to Site Structure>Business Features section of your main panel.


accessing the Business features page


Click on the +New button located at the top left corner of the page.


adding new business feature


Now you can see that we have a few options to configure:


Business feature abbv - Short name for the business feature
Business feature full description - Full description of the business feature
Property type relationship-  For what type of properties this business feature will be used
Icon - Choose an icon that best represents the business feature

adding new business feature

Once you have configured the new business feature, click the Save button to create it.


Step 2 Edit Business Features

In the previous step, we created a business feature. However we didn’t put a short name in the Business feature abbv field and now the feature is now showing the entire name. We will have to click on the Edit option next to the feature in order to edit it.


editing business feature


Now we can fix the Business feature abbv and simply make it WWW.


saving business feature


Click the Save button to apply and save the change and now you have a nice new business feature for your properties.


Step 3 Enable the Business Feature on a Property

Login to your website’s front-end with your Super User credentials and find the property you wish to add the new feature to. In this example we will use the Cottage property CuteCottage. Navigate to the Settings>Property details section of the property.


configuring the property details


Now scroll down till you see the Features section of the property. Here you can see all features that have Cottage selected in the property type relationship. Select the feature we added and click the Save button at the end of the page.


adding features to property


You have successfully added a business feature to the property. Only one feature is not enough! Provide and add more features to make your properties more desirable for booking.


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