How to Manage Coupons in Zen Cart

Updated on Dec 10, 2015

With Zen Cart’s Coupons system you can take advantage of the holidays and create exclusive promotions on your store that will surely increase the amount of items you sell and make your customers happy.


To manage your discount coupons in Zen Cart, you need to:

Step 1 Create a new Coupon

To create a new Coupon, you will need to access your admin area and navigate to the Gift Certificate/Coupons>Coupon Admin section from the main admin panel.


Accessing the Coupon Admin in Zen Cart


Next, you will see the discount coupon page where you will be able to insert a new coupon.


Creating a new Discount Coupon in Zen Cart


Here are the settings which you must configure:


  • Coupon Name – A short name for the coupon
  • Coupon Description – A description of the Coupon for the customers
  • Coupon Amount – The discount amount of the coupon (for percentage discount add % at the end)
  • Coupon Minimum Order – The minimum order value for the coupon to be usable
  • Free Shipping – If selected, you will provide free shipping with this coupon (any Coupon Amount will be removed)
  • Coupon Code – The Code used by the customer (if left blank Zen Cart will generate this randomly)
  • Uses per Coupon – The amount of times a coupon can be used
  • Uses per Customer – The amount of times 1 customer can use the coupon
  • Start Date – The date on which the Coupon will become available to use
  • End Date – The Date on which the Coupon will expire
  • Coupon Zone Restriction – If you wish to restrict the use of the coupon to certain Zones, select one here (this will work when the Billing Zone matches the Restricted Zones)


Configuring a Discount Coupon in Zen Cart


When you are ready, click on the preview>confirm buttons to finalize the coupon creation.


Step 2 Restrict and Email Coupons

Now that you have created a coupon, you will have a few additional options for it. If you click on the email button, you will be able to send the coupon to a specific customer.


Emailing the Coupon to your customers


You will be able to add a personal message, which is a good way to show your appreciation of your customers


Selecting the customers which will receive discount coupons


Click on the send mail button when you are ready to send the email(s).


Another nice option which you can configure is the restrictions one.


Accessing the restrictions feature for a coupon


Here, you can restrict the coupon’s availability on certain categories and products. This will give you more flexibility and control over your product’s prices and discounts.


Restricting the discount Coupon to certain Products


The last option we are going to review is the Coupon Report. In it you can see how many times a coupon has been redeemed in total, and per customer, which is handy in determining the success of your promotions.


Congratulations, you can now fully manage the Discount Coupons on your Zen Cart based website.

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