How to Change the Admin Password in Zen Cart

Updated on Dec 10, 2015

If you by any chance forget the password of your admin account or you have issues with your email and cannot reset it, this tutorial will guide you through the recovery process.


Option 1 Reset Password via the Forgot Password link

Click on the Forgot Password link located on the login window of Zen Cart.


Using the Forgot Password link in Zen Cart


You will need to enter the email address associated with the admin account and click request reset.


Requesting a password reset ></p>

<p> </p>

<p>You will receive a confirmation that a new password has been send to that email address (only if it’s the correct email address for this account)</p>

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Option 2 Re-create the Admin Account via phpMyAdmin


If you have also forgot the email account associated with your admin account, or the account has become unavailable. You will need to re-create the admin account in the database.


Login to your cPanel and navigate to the phpMyAdmin service.


Accessing the phpMyAdmin service via cPanel


Open the SQL tab and input the following text:


DELETE FROM admin WHERE admin_name = 'Admin'

INSERT INTO admin (admin_name, admin_email, admin_pass, admin_level)

VALUES ('Admin', 'admin@localhost', '351683ea4e19efe34874b501fdbf9792:9b', 1);


Recreating the Admin Account of Zen Cart via the Database


You can also just change the admin@localhost value to another email address you want to use and then reset your password via option 1.


After clicking on the Go button, your temporary credentials will be set to:

  • Username - Admin
  • Password - admin


When you try to login with them, you will be prompted to change your password as per the rules for password length and strength.

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