How to configure your site in Drupal

Overview on how to edit the site information for your Drupal website

When you install Drupal and you are ready to proceed with the development of your website, the first task is to edit the information on your website. This includes setting the name of your website, email for communication with your users, site locale and timezone, etc.


The basic information options you can edit in Drupal are:

Step 1 Basic Information

To edit the basic information on your website, you need to log into your website as administrator and then navigate to the Configuration tab from the main menu.


Access Configuration menu in Drupal


Locate the System tab and select the Site Information option.


Access Site Information options in Drupal


Edit the following fields:


  • Site Name - Enter the name of your website.
  • Slogan - Enter the slogan for your website.
  • E-mail address - Enter the system email address.
  • Front Page - Choose how many posts to be displayed on the front page. Also, you can set the default front-page from this section.
  • Error Pages - Enter custom error pages for 403(Access Denied) and 404(Not Found)


Edit basic information in Drupal


Click on the Save configuration button to keep the changes.


Step 2 Locale and Timezone

You need to navigate to the Configuration tab from the main menu again.


Access Configuration menu in Drupal


Locate the Regional and Language section and click on Regional Settings.


Edit Regional options in Drupal


Edit the following options:


  • Default country - Enter the default country for your website.
  • First day of the week - Select the first day of the week.
  • Default timezone - Select the default timezone and then configure if a user has permissions to choose own timezone. This will require registration.


Set locale and time zone options in Drupal