How to configure SMTP in Drupal

Overview on how to set up the mail service of your Drupal website with SMTP

This tutorial will provide the steps for configuring the mail service of your Drupal website with SMTP. This is the best setup as it will ensure that your system emails are being sent out without any issues.


Step 1 Create email account

Log into your cPanel account and locate the Email section. Тhen simply click on Email Accounts.


Access email accounts in cPanel


Enter the following details:


  • Email - Enter the name of your new email address.
  • Password - Enter the password for your new email account.
  • Password (again) - Enter the password again for verification.


Create a new email account in cPanel


Click on the Create Account button to complete the changes.


Step 2 Download SMTP module

Drupal requires the use of an additional module in order to be configured with SMTP. The SMTP Drupal module is available via the official website of the script, within the modules section. The download link for Drupal 7.x is available at the bottom of the page.


Download SMTP module for Drupal


Step 3 Install SMTP module

Once you download the module on your local computer, you need to install it on your Drupal website. First you need to log into your website as administrator and then click on the Modules tab at the main menu.


Access Modules menu in Drupal


Click on the Install new module button at the top of the page.


Install a new module in Drupal


Upload the module via one of the following two options:


  • Install from a URL - You can simply enter the URL to the download page of the module.
  • Upload a module or theme archive to install - Upload the downloaded archive of the module.


Upload new module in Drupal


Click on the Install button to complete the process.


Step 4 Activate SMTP module

Access the Modules tab from the main menu again and check the Enabled box next to the SMTP Authentication Support.


Activate SMTP module in Drupal


Scroll down to the bottom and click on the Save configuration button. Once the module is installed and activated, it is time to set the actual SMTP configuration on your Drupal website. 


Access the Modules tab from the main menu again and locate the SMTP Authentication Support module. Then click on the Configure button next to it.


Configure SMTP module in Drupal


Edit the following options:


  • Install options - On
  • SMTP Server - (change to your actual domain name).
  • SMTP backup server - Check with our support team for more details on that. This field is optional.
  • SMTP Port - 25 or 2525
  • Use encrypted protocol - No
  • Username - Enter the email account created in the first chapter of this tutorial.
  • Password - Enter the password for the email account.


Configuration options for SMTP module in Drupal


Click on the Save configuration button to keep the changes. You have successfully configured SMTP for your Drupal based website.