How to manage customer groups in CubeCart

Review on how to manage customer groups on your CubeCart website

This tutorial will review the management of customer groups in CubeCart. This will allow you to group similar customers on your website together, which will be easier to manage.


First, you need to access the Customer Groups manager in CubeCart. Log into your website as administrator and locate the Customers section. Click on the Customer List option.


Access Customer list in CubeCart


Select the Customer Groups tab.


Access Customer Groups manager in CubeCart


Locate the Create Customer Group section and edit the following options:


  • Name: Enter the name of the new customer group.
  • Description: Enter a description for the new customer group.


Click on the Save button to keep the changes. The system will automatically create the new customer group for you.


Add customer group in CubeCart


If you wish to remove an existing customer group from your website, simply click the Delete button next to it.


Remove customer group in CubeCart