How to Manage Administrators in CubeCart

Updated on Mar 13, 2019

This tutorial will review the management of the administrators on your CubeCart website. If you have a large online store, you may need assistance with the management of your website. In some cases, the new members of your staff will need administrator privileges to help you manage your website. Here comes the admin manager in CubeCart to allow you easier way of managing all that.

To access the administrators manager in CubeCart, you need to log in as administrator first. Locate the Settings section on the left-side menu and click on the Administrators feature.

Access admin manager in CubeCart

To Manage Admin accounts in CubeCart you can:


Add Administrators

From the administrators manager, click on the Add New Administrator tab at the top.

Add administrator in CubeCart

Edit the following details:

  • Name - Enter the name of the new administrator;
  • Usename - Enter the username of the new administrator. This username will be used when the new admin logs into your website;
  • Email - Enter the email address of the new admin;
  • Default Language - Select the default language of the new administrator;
  • Super user - Set the new administrator as a super user or not. Keep in mind that as a super user, the new admin will have full control over your website;
  • Receive order notifications - If you enable the option, the new admin will receive a notification via email when there is a new order on your website;
  • Link to customer account - Set a special link to the account of the new admin;
  • Password - Enter the password for the new administrator;
  • Confirm Password - Enter the password twice for verification;
  • Notes - Enter any notes for the new administrator.

New details for admin in CubeCart

Click on the Save button below to keep the changes and the system will automatically create the new administrative user for you.


Edit Administrators

To edit existing administrators on your website, you need to access the admin manager again. Next to each of the admin users, you will notice an Edit button, which will allow you to manage the user.

Edit administrator in CubeCart

Enter the details that you wish to change for the admin user and click on the Save button to keep them.


Delete Administrators

To remove an administrative user from your website, simply access the admin manager again. Next to each of the administrators, you will see a Delete button.

Remove administrator in CubeCart

By clicking on this button, you will confirm that the system should remove it completely from your website.

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