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Updated on Jul 24, 2023

Adding menus to your site will help your users navigate the content more quickly and are a must especially considering visitors might be using mobile devices. While in some applications, you need additional plugins or have to go through several hoops to add menus, in our Website Builder, the same can be done in a few minutes.

The Menus menu allows you to add items to your website’s menu structure. You can use Menus to add pages, posts, custom links, and categories to your home page. That is handy because it provides shortcuts to your most important pages, posts, etc. Here is what the Menus page looks like, and we will go over it.

  • Pages - Choose which pages to include in a specific website menu. You can use the tabs above the Pages menu to select the most recent pages, look through all of them or find a specific one;
  • Posts - Choose the posts you wish to include in your website menus. Like with Pages, you can use the tabs to filter the posts;
  • Custom links - Allows you to add custom links to the menu;
  • Categories - Include a specific post category in your menus;
  • Menu Structure - If you are familiar with WordPress’ menu system, then you are also familiar with ours! You can drag and drop your menu’s elements to arrange how they appear. If you drag an element slightly to the right and under another one, the former will become a submenu to the latter;
  • Add a new menu - This lets you create a new menu where you can include any of your posts, pages, custom links, and categories.

When you are satisfied with your new menu save it, and then head to the page you want to add it to. It can be any page you have created or the Header or Footer of your website. When you have opened the editor all you need to do to add your new menu is simply locate the Navigation Menu widget, and add it to your page.

When you have added it your page select the menu from the bar on the left and that will add the menu to your page. From that point forward feel free to customize it to your preference. Don't forget to save you changes or publish your page once you are done!

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